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3rd Apex at the very least is able to provide reliable marketing services using the theme of motorsport.

But why settle for the basics when our company can offer unique and innovative solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements. Our track record has shown that our loyalty and work ethic can deliver services that can set you apart.

Our Company

We are specialists in Motorsport Themed marketing and business development.


Our company has served a distinct number over forward thinking clients of the years and worked on a variety of projects that covered a range of tasks, from standard marketing practices to unique tailored services.

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Further Information

Nadec Legend


Our first and riskiest project was the first of its kind in that region of the world, it had never been done before and all odds were stacked against us. Thankfully we prevailed and managed to close the first client of our new company for a one year marketing campaign that featured over 20 events, a launch and sign off as well as a long list of other activities making it an exhausting first year for us, but a year that would...

Hyundai Drift School


With our first project (Nadec Legend) underway, we were approached by the team in charge of a new show for Hyundai. With the traffic fatalities in Saudi Arabia being the highest in the world and a surge in illegal street drifting claiming the lives of so many young men, Hyundai and their partners aimed to create a show that started off with over 500 potential contestants that would be eliminated over various...

Ahmed Scotland


Our founder's original goal when he first took the risk of establishing the company was to create a dream career out of thin air. Having no real cash investment or the backing of a family within Motorsport while attempting to enter one of the most competitive professions in the world seemed like an impossible task. None the less, after countless hours of studying and planning, he was able to create a proposal...

Motorsport Handbook


It was inevitable that we would take on such a venture, to create a book that contains all the knowledge we have learned and continue to learn within Motorsport. The handbook concentrates on three main paths, Drive, Build and Manage, with each path containing structured chapters that cover a very broad range of the various disciplines in Motorsport...

Simulator Development


In the spring of 2016 we entered the world of e-sport and are currently assisting our client in the development of their simulators as they work towards building an international gaming franchise. Our Motorsport expertise has provided our client with valuable feedback that has helped in continuously improving their full motion simulators. We work alongside their team in research and development and...

Riyadh Motor Show


In December 2016, under the umbrella of Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, we launched our new team and partners into the spotlight in front of the tens of thousands of visitors over four days. With our large booth surrounded by global car giants like Nissan, Hyundai and Chevrolet, we brought a show that dominated the event with our booth being the busiest of the entire event...

Gulf Legends Racing

The only race cars of their kind in their region of the world, available for Drift, Show and Track Racing.

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