Hyundai Drift School

A boost of social responsibility and accreditation. 

With our first project (Nadec Legend) underway, we were approached by the team in charge of a new show for Hyundai. With the traffic fatalities in Saudi Arabia being the highest in the world and a surge in illegal street drifting claiming the lives of so many young men, Hyundai and their partners aimed to create a show that started off with over 500 potential contestants that would be eliminated over various examinations until a winner was found. It was up to us and the organisers to create the training program required for the show and execute it.

As the Nadec Legend and Ahmed Scotland brands were still very new and unproven, this was a great opportunity for our company to build on our new found reputation. Our primary involvement with the project was the design and management of the various training courses and exams such as class theory, driver fitness, mental endurance, interviews and online questionnaires. In addition to the primary work, we also worked on all other aspects of the show such as directly coaching the contestants and promoting the program as well as putting on a show at the final event with the Nadec Legend.

The TV, Newspaper and Online promotion of the Hyudai Drift School helped strengthen the new foundation of our brands and give us much needed reputable exposure.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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