Motorsport Handbook

The driving force behind our training and education. 

It was inevitable that we would take on such a venture, to create a book that contains all the knowledge we have learned and continue to learn within Motorsport. The handbook concentrates on three main paths, Drive, Build and Manage, with each path containing structured chapters that cover a very broad range of the various disciplines in Motorsport.

The courses within the handbook teach the science of driving across various platforms starting off with the raw basics and developing further into more advanced segments. Another set of courses within the book teach the engineering behind the manufacture and set up of race cars, with the final set of courses introducing the reader to the business side of Motorsport such as management and sponsorship acquisition.

Our handbook is a useful tool since our knowledge is all written and illustrated within the book allowing us to cut down the time and cost it takes to create high quality training courses. This is beneficial for us and our clients since we both save time and money while delivering a professional top end service. This project has made us the exclusive course creators for one of our main clients OneO7, who are working on building one of the world's largest driving simulator centers and want to offer world class training courses for their customers. Knowledge is power and we value the know-how we are continually inputting into our handbook.

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