Riyadh Motor Show

Stepping up and joining forces. 

In December 2016, under the umbrella of Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, we launched our new team and partners into the spotlight in front of the tens of thousands of visitors over four days. With our large booth surrounded by global car giants like Nissan, Hyundai and Chevrolet, we brought a show that dominated the event with our booth being the busiest of the entire event.

One section of our booth was a custom car show supplied by one of our partners, Torque Speed Automotive, who brought in high end custom cars, tucks, classics and wide variety of other rare and spectacular machines. The main booth was a shared space by our new major client OneO7 and AWRS. We had state of the art simulators, high end automotive art, live airbrushing and custom vehicles. Furthermore, our team designed and constructed a central stage where we would perform daily shows over the four days that included the reveal of the first Gulf Spec Legend Race Cars in history as well as live music, interviews and live questions and answers with the audience.

We completed the event with our partners and clients completely satisfied having delivered on everything we had planned to do for a worthwhile budget.

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